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At the moment we rush from work to the nursery then home to play horse-race or pirates. In between we have to do the shopping for dinner. So I'm really very uninspired when it comes to cooking. I'm not good with quick suppers. I lack ideas and maybe a adequate cookbook. It's really a shame because it's summer and one can get all these lovely vegetables and fruit. A quick supper I often do when I'm  fed up with pasta is fresh vietnamese spring rolls.

I was on a business trip to amsterdam last week and had some really nice peanut-sauce in a Indonesian restaurant.
I always serve Nuoc cham dipping sauce with the spring rolls but peanut sauce would go well with the fresh spring rolls too.
I don't really have a recipe so I called julien to give me some ideas what to put in.



I fried some shallot and garlic added the peanut sauce, some cocos milk and the juice of a lime
and seasoned it with Hoisin sauce, sambal olek and Ketchup to give it sweetness.


It turned out nice, not as good as the one in amsterdam though. So I if someone has a tip please let me know.
But it was really nice with the nuoc cham and the spring rolls.

the table is laid

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On of my favourite spice mixtures is the Moroccan chermula "sauce". It's the perfect spice to accompany a tajine. You can buy it ready made in good food stores but it's easily made at home.

2 garlic gloves
1/2 tsp sweet paprika powder
a bunch of fresh cilantro
1/2 bunch fresh Italian Parsley
1/2 ground cumin
1/4 ground fresh black pepper
juice of one lemon
1 tsp vinegar
1 tbl oil

Mix the salt, garlic and paprika in a blender or mortar to a paste. Add the rest of the spices and herbs and mix together. Ad the lemon, oil and vinegar and mix till you have a smooth paste.
Slowly heat the mixture over medium heat to bring the the flavours together, but don't let it cook.

Let the the chermula cold down before you use it.

Buy the way, carrots are very nice with chermula.


Fish tajine with lemon, fiq, tomato, potatoes and chermula.

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La Rouille

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