Indian Feast

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Lucky me, Kevin brought me this cookbook from London. He's been eating at the Cinnamon Kitchen and liked it so much he bought the book. In my twenties I travelled to India several times and cooked a lot of Indian food but at one point I totally lost interest in it. I rarely fancy going to an Indian restaurant, but when we go I always love the food... Malabar in London being my favourite .

India back in 1988

A new cookbook is always a good reason to change on old habit. More Indian cooking in the Coeur de Sel kitchen! First up was the Keratin Seafood Pie. Delicious indeed!

Two weeks ago we had a proper Indian feast: Sardines with chilli and apricot glaze, char-grilled broccoli florets with rose petals ans almonds, stir fried greens and naan bread.

What I like so far with this book is the fact that the recipes are quite easy, good for everyday cooking.
Great Indian dishes, with fresh modern twists.

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Paddington & Lina Bo Bardi

Yet another new drink we tried over the holidays, the Paddington.
I organised and attended a mixing workshop for the place I work this december, now I'm mixing a lot of new drinks I never had before.

I have to admit it like my cocktails on the sweet side, Paddington is a rather dry cocktail and therefore not my favourite. If you like yours dry, you should definitely give it a go. The Orange and grapefruit aromas are rather nice.

You'll need:

  • 4,5 cl Banks % island rhum or any other you have in your bar
  • 1,5 cl lillet blanc
  • 1,5 cl fresh pressed grapefruit juice
  • 1,5 cl fresh pressed lemon juice
  • 1 bs Bonne Maman orange jam

Rinse a chilled coupe glass with a splash of Absinthe. Add the remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

The paddington is pictured next to the Lina Bo Bardi book that came out with Hatje Kantz for the lina Bo Bardi exposition in Munich. We did not know her prior to seeing the exhibition and were really impressed by her work.

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Bobardi  003

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A double recommendation : Passioned green tea whiskey & Lady and Pups

My favourite Food blog of the 2014 was definitely and I strongly recommend you to keep an eye on it. It's funny, unusual, has great pictures and nice recipes.
"An angry food blog - home cooking with extreme prejudice" it's says on top of the page, sounds go too me.
I could do with a lot more food blogs that talk about kitchen disasters, headaches and midlife crises !

We had her  "Passioned green tea whiskey " on one of the last days of the year  - good stuff you should give it a go to.

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The family cook book

We have Exiting news: Coeur de Sel is featured in a new cookbook. The book is called "Das grosse Familien Kochbuch" by Julia Hofer (AT Verlag).

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I like the book's approach: modern families (with working parents) are busy and cooking a decent maybe even healthy meal every evening is difficult. The basic idea is you cook once and eat twice. It's packed with recipes that, with a twist, turn into something a little different the other day. Like making enough risotto one night so you can have risotto fritters (the best!) the next evening. It's also packed with kids kitchen experiments, like making your own nutella, or home made pasta and there are a lot of kids and food related interviews in it too.

Familienkochbuch  004

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm an almost full-time working mum and how to arrange career and family is is a hot topic for me.
So I was happy to contribute my favourite cake, the layered show off cake, to this book. You will also find an interview with me on how we live with our fussy eater.

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Lokumlar or turkish delight

If you go to Istanbul or Turkey in general this is the thing you have to eat and bring home!
We been told to buy it at Keseklers shop outside the spicemarket. They are supposed to do the best. Don't buy the little square ones buy the whole rolls, they are just delicious!
It's a pomegranate molasses with pistachio nuts - totally adictive!
And if you stop at Keseklers don't forget to buy pistachios (buy the most expensive ones they are worth it) and some sumac.

Shopping at Keseklers is quite a happening tough :

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The New Yorker Food Issue


A recommendation for this weekend: The New Yorker Food Issue.
With the cold weather outside I suggest staying in all weekend reading the brilliant  New Yorker Food Issue.

If you can't find the paper issue I strongly recommend reading this brilliant article "Toques from Underground
The rise of the secret supper club"
by Dana Goodyear.

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Granola from Sooishi

Sooishigranola  575

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I was well surprised when I came home from Paris and found a big parcel from sooishi on my desk.
In it were the new sooishi granola. To me finding a granola I like has so far been an almost impossible task.
Hard to say why, most of them just taste to "healthy" to me. I usually like other peoples granolas better than the ones I buy but I never asked what they buy. So I basically ended up eating no granola, just berries and greek yogurt.
Sooishi granolas are different and I love them. They come in 3 variations: Peacan nuts, Matcha tea and Pistacio and Kinako ( soybean flour) , cashew nuts and peanuts . The matcha one is my favorite!
I love to eat them with a little bit of greek yogurt and some honey. Perfect start into the day.

She is also selling highly recommendable jams but one has to be very quick to get one - they sell so fast.

The Granolas cost approx. 10.- for the 300 gr package and can be ordered online in the sooishi boutique.

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Marché des enfants rouges

This is the first time I'll blog about restaurants or shops here but I try to get rid of one too many blog and this would mean
recommendations for restaurants and such would have to find a new home here. Probably not the worst idea.

So let's start with le marché des enfants rouges.
I come to paris twice a year to work and I hardly have time to discover new things. Luckily this time kevin came along and he discovered this covered market which I learned id the oldest in paris. Built in 1615 under Louis XIII. The rather strange name is said to come from an orphanage which was next to it where the children wore red uniforms.

We went there on a sunday morning and I immediately fell in love with it. The marché is almost secretly nested in a backyard, in the first part one finds lovely fruit , flowers and fish stands. But the real discovery were the stalls you can find further back in the market. Little food stalls that sell proper menus or a combination of products and take a way food. Theres big tables and benches everywhere and you can also sit down and eat you lunch or dinner right there.
I felt a bit like in an asian street kitchen only that we could choose between moroccan, libyan, japanese italian or french for lunch. The decision was difficult every thing looked so tempting.

Le Marche des Enfants Rouges
39 rue de Bretagne
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  8:30-1PM and 4PM-7: 30PM
Friday, Saturday- 8h30AM-1PM and 4PM-8PM
Sunday: 8:30AM–2PM
Metro: Filles- Calvaire or Temple

I've learnt theres a very nice community garden called " le pottage des oiseaux" next to it if you have time to visit check the website

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Gather magazin

Gather  001
Gather  002

Yesterday my copy of GATHER has arrived and it's as beautiful as I hoped it would be.
Stunning food photography, interesting reads and recipes that sound rather interesting.
I will have to wait to try the shaved asparagus salad with poached egg till next spring and I'm also to late for the grilled bread with ricotta and peas  so I'll probably start with the gazpacho water.

Gather Journal, a new bi-annual recipe-driven food publication devoted not just to cooking and eating, but to what those acts inspire: the bringing of people together. You will find lushly imagined photography from some of the country’s most esteemed food photographers and fun, insightful writing. Each issue is divided into chapters, much like a meal—amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts—along with regular special features, from studied examinations of ingredients to whimsical essays about memorable eating experiences.

GATHER  was launches by ywo former fashion editors . NYLON veterans Fiorella Valdesolo and Michele Outland had long planned on bringing their shared aesthetic to a new style magazine before deciding to tackle something new and unfamiliar. They put together the bi-annual food and recipe journal, called Gather, in less than three months.

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What's cooking: The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit

We left our favorite cook book shop - "Books for cooks" with this little gem.

A "thesaurus" of different flavour combinations. Former marketing executive Niki Segnit has taken 99 flavours (from potato and cucumber to black pudding and washed-rind cheese) and grouped them into hundreds of pairings, each accompanied by an elegant, and often highly witty, mini-essay.
This book is basically packed inspiration. The sort of book which should always lay on the kitchen table or beside the sofa.
It's funny, interesting full of historical and scientific references, anecdotes and recipes. You can just read it like a novel - but one that will leave you hungry.  But you can also pick it up when you lack inspiration or have only a few things left in your fridge and don't know what do do with them.

read the guardian review

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