Yesterdays Dinner: Beetroot soup and Flammkuchen

Yesterdays dinner was so nice I have to write it down so I don't forget to do it more often. It's quick and easy ( if you buy ready made dough for the flammkuchen).

Beetroot soup with thyme and creme fraiche.

Flammkuchen with creme fraiche, goats cheese, thyme, onions and honey.

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Refreshing Spicy Summer Dish

Vietnamese or Thai food is ideal for hot summer days. Here's a recipe that serves as a basis for all kinds of dishes. We usually use it with shrimps and / or fish, but it works just as well with veg. We never tried meat, but I don't see why that shouldn't work also.

Thai Basil

Ingredients (serves 2-3 people):

  • 3-5 cloves of garlic
  • 1-3 fresh small thai chili
  • 1 tablespoon cane sugar
  • 1 fresh ginger root (roughly sized 60 x 30 mm)
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 5 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 3 teaspoons thai or malaysian curry or spice mixture
  • 20 - 50 leaves of fresh thai basil (depending on the size...)
  • 10 - 20 leaves of fresh mint (again, depending on the size)
  • 1 handful of unsalted peanuts
  • Your choice of fish, shrimps, other seafood or alternatively vegetables


  1. Peel and chop the garlic cloves into small bits.
  2. Chop the chili into thin slices, don't throw away the seeds, - use them. Wash your hands thoroughly after this!!!
  3. If you have large basil and mint leaves, rip them up into smaller bits and put them in a bowl to have them at hand when needed.
  4. roast the peanuts in a pan just like that, no oil or fat needed for this. Keep stirring until nicely brown. Put them to the side and have them ready for later.
  5. Chop your fish or vegetables into dices (maybe 30 x 30 mm) or make sure your shrimps are unfrozen and ready to go in the pan.


  1. Put the oil in the pan and turn on the heat (1 notch below maximum)
  2. While the oil heats up, you can already add the garlic, chili, cane sugar, salt and the curry or spice. Let it sizzle while stirring until the garlic starts to turn brown.
  3. Throw fish and / or seafood or alternatively vegetables in the pan - cook for about 10 minutes (depending on your choice). Depending what type of fish you chose, it may crumble into tiny bits - that's just fine, especially when using fish alongside shrimps.
  4. Put what you've cooked into the bowls you will serve the food in, add thai basil, mint and peanuts to the servings, squeeze lime over it and mix it up a bit. Remember that you're using the basil and the mint more like a salad than a herb in terms of quantity, so give each serving plenty of it. Enjoy!

Tip: Goes well with the "Sensational Soup" as starters and a green papaya salad alongside.

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Pear and Roquefort pie

I work way to much at the moment, it's buying season and instead of trying new recipes from my lovely new cookbooks I run from one fair to the other.  Hotel breakfast and the junk food one usually eats  during the day don't make me feel too good either. In the evening we usually eat out but tis time I was to late with reserving tables so all the new restaurants I wanted to try were already fully booked.
Anyway I have a weekend at home and was full of ideas of things to do and to cook. Sadly I realized very quickly ( friday evening this means) that I am way to exhausted. And that instead of cooking great dinners, sewing this new pants I intended and blog a lot I should go for a walk in the wintery landscape and sleep a lot.
At this state I wish I would know more fast but yummy dinner recipe. Usually I do THIS but this involved too much different pans and plates, means to much cleaning up afterwards ...

This is probably the simplest  dinner I know and while it's baking one can take a hot bath, read a book or watch some telly.


you need:

6-7 pears
puff pastry
roquefort cheese

Roll out the dough, wash the pears cut into quarters and lay out on the dough.
Bake on 200° for 20- 30 minutes. Take the pie out sprinkle over the the roquefort cheese and put back into the oven and bake for another 10 minutes on 150°.
Serve with green salad or maybe a light soup.
Bon app!

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pêches rôties à la vanille et aux myrtilles


Petite recette simple mais trop bonne (si on aime les fruits).

3dl d'eau

6cs de sucre de canne

4 pêches

1cc de beurre

1 gousse de vanille

250gr de myrtilles

2cs de sucre

1dl de demi-crème fraîche ou acidulée

Bouillir l'eau avec un tiers du sucre, couper les pêche en deux puis les mettre dans le liquide  env. 1min, retirer les pêches  et détacher la peau (ne pas jeter le liquide) .

Mettre les pêches dans un plat à gratin.

Faire fondre le beurre avec le reste de sucre puis mouiller avec la moitier du liquide des pêches et ajouter la gousse de vanille coupée un quatre.

Laisser réduire jusqu'à consistance sirupeuse. (comme du sirop)

Verser sûr les pêche et faire rôtir dans le four préchauffé à 220° pendant 10 à 15 min en les arrosant régulièrement du reste du sirop.

Tourner les myrtilles dans un peu de sucre.

Mettre le reste du sucre dans la crème.

retirer les pêches du four et les garnir de myrtilles avec la crème en accompagnement.

prép. env. 15 min

cuisson au four env. 15 min

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Pappardelle with chiccorino rosso and walnuts

Fry garlic and walnuts in olive oil, throw in the chiccorino, stir briefly adding salt and freshly ground black pepper, quench with a little fresh lemon juice (alternatively use white wine if you prefer).

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Friday is fish & chips day


Our chips are dead simple to make. Peel and cut potatoes ( same type you would use for mash).
Put on a baking sheet add some oil and into the preheated oven (200° ) . Turn from time to time until golden.
Sprinkle with vinegar and salt for the real uk spirit.

fish and chips

Turn the fish in a batter made of flour, sea salt and  beer. Fry .

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Simple and fast

Sometimes it has to be...

(posted by Lopi)


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