Parsnip Potatoes Patties

Since last december I'm trying to re-cook a meal that, back then came together very spontaneously. We had friends coming over and wanted to make something special but they could not stay to long for they had to get up very early the next day. It's no secret that I'm not good in hosting early dinners, I'm always to late with the preparations which leads to a very spanish lifestyle of late dinners. So we went for beetroot pickled salmon , something you can prepare days ahed and it's is always kind of special.
With it we spontaneously decided to make Parsnip Patties since we had the fridge filled with parsnips.
The dinner was spectacular and the Parsnip Potatoes Patties perfect! Ever since this day I try to re-cook them with little success.

In Stockholm this is a national dish, you get Parsnip Potatoes Patties in every restaurant. Usually served with fish roe, crème fraiche and pickled cucumbers - a match made in heaven.

Even more so I want to make my own Parsnip Potatoes Patties. Mine taste nice but the hardly ever stick together and I end up with a crumbly something on my plate :-(

I know they have to be made very fresh otherwise the potatoes loose too much water and don't sick together, and I add some beaten egg white ... any other tips?

These two turned out quite nice but the remaining 5 looked bad let me tell you ...

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Yesterdays Dinner: Beetroot soup and Flammkuchen

Yesterdays dinner was so nice I have to write it down so I don't forget to do it more often. It's quick and easy ( if you buy ready made dough for the flammkuchen).

Beetroot soup with thyme and creme fraiche.

Flammkuchen with creme fraiche, goats cheese, thyme, onions and honey.

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Comfort dinner: Spinach and cheddar muffins

Small recommendation for a nice and easy winter dinner: Spinach and cheddar muffins (which I wanted to make ever since I saw them on foodbeam)
and a simple broth with a poached egg - bon appétit!

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When there is no time

It's not that we have not been eating or cooking during the last 3 months, it's just that I have been tremendously busy in my job, no time for big cooking and first and foremost no inspiration. I have tried to make brownies twice and failed completely. Two different recipes  same result - almost liquid brownies after good 25 minutes of baking .... must be the oven no?
Here some highlights from the last month:

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sin and pleasure

this lovely filet of pork was marinated with a self-made meat reduction, then wrapped with herbs and smoked ham... delicious! It was served with potatoes "au gratin" and a morel-sauce

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Marrons Cuits

Thanks to a recipe by Christophe Champagnac of the Restaurant Les Arums I realized how beautifully anise goes with chestnuts. The original recipe was ' cappucino of chestnuts with star aniseed, pan fired foie gras, balsamic caramel ' (...). Now I don't eat meat and I had no star aniseed in the house, so I went about the recipe as follows:

  • Sweat finely chopped onions in butter, quench with Pernod/Pastis
  • Throw in 300g cooked chestnuts
  • Add 2dl of vegetable stock, - preferably yesterdays home made vegetable soup, simmer for 25 minutes
  • Add 100ml fresh cream, salt (if needed) and freshly ground black pepper

Heat 50g sugar in a pan until it turns brown, add 100ml balsamico vinegar, add this to your ready dish (drizzle on top or stir in lightly).

Serve with potato mash, some bitter veg like warm treviso (with pernot, garlic, lemon juice) or whatever suits you.

Marrons Cuits

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Hurray it's red cabbage season

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Sardines with wild fennel

fild fennel marinade

In a bowl put green olives, fresh wild fennel seeds, Noilly Prat, olive oil, black pepper, a pinch of sea salt, some nutmeg. Rest for an hour.

Grill sardines with garlic inside, salt, black pepper, olive oil on the outside.

Chop one or two shallots, heat olive oil in a pan, throw in the shallots, quench with the fennel / Noilly Prat / olive mixture - simmer for five minutes on low heat.

Serve the sardines straight from the grill adding the fennel "sauce" straight from the pan as quick as possible - best directly at the table.

Serving suggestion: with grilled vegetables.

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more food report from jp ;)


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A very nice dinner


lentil soup



the soup

A simple yet very nice dinner this was. Oysters, lentil soup, artichokes and focaccia bread.

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