Le Pave Faubourg

I have been trying this for the second time - le pave faubourg de pierre hermé.
I'm still not pleased with the way it looks but we all love the way it tastes!
A layered cake filled with a chocolate and caramel ganache and marinated dried apricots.
Not too difficult to make a bit time consuming maybe thats all.
The best thing is the recipe gives you two cakes and you can easily store it for some days.

But the cake on the picture of the cookbook looks shiny on top with these deep lines from the fork at the sides - I guess
I have to practice a lot more to get there. But this is probably not a bad thing .
Most difficult thing is to put the gold on, that thing is so damn delicate. I want it to look either really random but with some zen spirit to it ;-) or then very precise. So far it just looks random but not in a nice way. Practicing certainly helps to the get the skills but my wallet probably won't like it.

Any way, its's actually is all practicing to be able to copy the "carré d'or" you will get at the frerres marriage teahouse in paris.
I'll keep practicing…

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Death Star Birthday cake and galaxy cake pops

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Now here comes a very secretrecipe ;-) Already when I was a child I loved to cook and bake and I had a very sweet tooth ! Ok maybe I still have . One of the very popular christmas presents I used to make for fathers and godfathers were truffes. Thing is once you made them you can not wrap them put them under the christmas tree, no you have to store them in the fridge till the day you can actually give them away. Problem is these truffes are so delicious that it happened more than once that I ate them all before christmas, which led to severe emergency operations...

This is probably also the moment to confess that my handwritten cookbook with the red flower binding soon got more important to me than my black mickey mouse diary.

Anyway, our ( the boys ) christmas presents this year were home made tea sachets with herb tea from our garden, but we did not have enough tea to so we made theses truffes for the men of our family. I wasn't sure if its just memories or if the truffes are really so delicious, I can tell you they are bloody great! Now that we are two who secretly steal the little chocolate things from the fridge it's a wonder any of them made it to the grandfathers and godfathers at all.


Both of them loved them so much that I promised to write down the recipe  - and now comes the real secret - the recipe comes out of the mentioned red handwritten recipe book but I very waggly remember having it from a betty bossy ( a very traditional swiss thing ) cookbook ( pssst* ! )

So her it comes:

You'll need:

  • 200 gr dark chocolate
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tbs water
  • 150 gr butter
  • 180 gr icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbs grand magner
  • Icing sugar, cocoapowder and chocolate crumbles
  • paper cups

Melt the chocolate in the bain marie.
Cream the butter . Add the icing sugar, the grand mariner and the egg yolk.
Add the chocolate and mix for 2 - 3 minutes.

Put into the fridge. When the mixture is cold form walnut sizes truffes. Turn them in icing sugar, cocoa powder or chocolate crumbles.

By the way these are the tea sachets we made - just in case you need some inspiration for next year ;-)

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Summer Garden Tart

For weeks I have been thinking for a good way to use my garden berries. Beside the red currant I have a japanese raspberry bush and they are somewhat special. They look slightly different, they don't have XX the skin our raspberries have. They also taste different. Much more subtile, they don't have this strong woody/forest flavor instead they have something very light and lemony. I love them, they look just gorgeous  - the whole plant looks gorgeous with it's red stems and the light green leaves. Opposed to the local varieties it's not a good idea to cook them their taste isn't strong enough. They are best eaten as they are right from the bush and that's also what I usually do but I wanted to find an other way to use them one where they could show off a bit more.
We recently had a house party and one of the guests brought a very simple cake - Ready made sponge cake with berries on top. I don't know what type of sponge cake she bought it was really nice vanilla flavor, I secretly ate it all. And started to think about making something like this cake myself.
It took me quite some time to realize that these I can actually combine all these ideas. As usually it took fanny from foodbeam/like a strawberry milk to get me started. She has a similar recipe on foodbeam.

You'll need:

  • 50g melted butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla seeds
  • 5 large eggs at room temperature
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 66g plain flour
  • 60g cornflour or potato starch
  • 500ml cream
  • fresh berries
  • 100 g ground almonds ( the ones without skin )
  • 100 g caster sugar for the sirup
  • 1/3 cup double cream


For the Genoise Cake:

(from Rose's Heavenly Cakes)

- Grease and line a 24cm cake tin. Flour the sides too. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.

- Warm the butter: if it contains lots of residue (using unsalted will limit this), pass it through a strainer. Add the vanilla, and pour into a small bowl.

- Bring a sauce pan of water to a simmer and place a heatproof bowl over it. To the bowl, add the eggs and sugar; stir until just warm to the touch.

- Remove the bowl from the heat, and beat the egg mixture with electric hand beaters on high speed for at least 5 minutes until it has more than quadruple in volume.

- Sift together the flour and cornflour. Remove a little of the egg mixture and whisk it into the bowl with the melted butter and vanilla and set aside.

- Working quickly, fold in half of the flour mixture into the egg mixture and once it is incorporated, fold in the rest.

- Scrape down the bowl to insure all the flour has been incorporated and then fold in the butter mixture. Immediately pour into the prepared cake tin.

- Bake for 20-30 minutes until the top is golden brown and the sides begin to slightly pull away from the pan.

- Once out of the oven, turn out the cake onto a wire rack immediately. Cool completely before brushing with the syrup, and icing with strawberry meringue buttercream.

For the filling:

- Make a sugar sirup I usually mix about 100gr of sugar and a little bit of water and bring it to boil till it gets sirupy around 120°.
- Through in the almonds and mix
- Put the mixture on a baking tray and let it cool.
- Put into the food processor and process till smooth and creamy.
- Beat the cream  add as much of the almond paste as you like
- Through in some berries

For the chocolate Ganache melt 100gr of dark chocolate with 1/3 cup double cream.

Assemble the cake:

- cut the cake into 3 Layers
- layer with the cream filling
- Coat the top  with a chocolate ganache and decorate with plenty of berries

I am really happy with the result. It's the perfect cake to celebrate summer. I made it for a garden party we had and everybody loved it.

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Main Img

Nina from toujours toi pointed this out to. cookieboy is a japanese "boy" who makes the most stunning cookies, go see for yourself - pure art!


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Witches Birthday Feast

Last weekend was our sons Birthday party. He wanted it to be a witches party.

We made some really fun things like a very scary witches cave in our cellar and we cooked  some serious magic potion with our witches.


Kids party means chocolate cake but since we always invite friends for beer and chips afterwards and we never have enough food I started to rummage through some cookbook in search for more cakes I could bake. It happened what always happens ... I can't decide, I find plenty of things I'd love to do. Whilest my studies I came up with the idea of having a very scary round table with things witches eat  - like toad slime and bats poo.

I baked till total exhaustion but it was worth it. Lot's of fun and my son really loved it.

matcha flourhttp://www.coeurdesel.com/files/r0015023-tm.jpg

Work in progress.


Pierre Herme's Nutella tart .


The spider ring.


Insects pie.


the lovely cheese cake from foodbeam for the fearful ones.


spiderweb cakes.


matcha cupcakes.


and of course some jelly and a proper birthday cake.

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Little chocolate cakes


My son and I, we do a lot of baking. He's a fuzzy eater and I hope helping in the kitchen will open his mind and his taste buds. These little chocolate cakes are cute and easy to make. He loved everything about them, so small, so cute and so easy to make.

120 gr dark chocolate
120 gr Butter
120 gr sugar
4 eggs
1 pinch of salt
70 gr ground almonds
60 gr flour

Pre heat the oven on 175°

Melt the chocolate, butter and the sugar in a pan over medium heat.
Beat the egg white with the salt till stiff. Mix the yellow with the almonds. Add the chocolate mixture and slowly add the egg whites. Fill into the buttered cake forms and bake for approximately 15 min.


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Last winter I decided that I want to make my own macarons. This may sound stupid since we have sprüngli in Bern and zürich and now we even have Ladurée in zürich. But the idea to be able to make my own little colorful macarons was to tempting. I'm really getting into baking recently, but would I manage this task? I bought "solution macarons" from mercotte -  in french! All my cook books are either in english or in german. My french is not too bad but my kitchen french definitely need some improvement.... Then I had to place some online orders to get all the equipment. Perforated baking trays, a thermometer, colors .... I read the recipe a hundred times then I had to decide wether I should make a meringue italian or meringue francaise . But foremost I needed egg whites that have been separated from the yellows for several days. So this weekend I finally managed to have everything ready.
Here the some images from my first try:

boiling hotamandes

And here they are, aren't they sweet? They don't look perfect ( but quite good :-) )but they tasted really nice.


Macaron à la menthe


Macaron au chocolat


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Chocolate- lemon Madelaines


This mornings work are these Chocolate- lemon Madelaines also from Pierre Hermé's cookbook "Chocolate Desserts".

An other nice tea cookie, easy to make, all the need is time ( most precious good I know ).
Gives you 12 Madelaines.

70 gr all-pirpose flour
3.5 tbs cocoapowder ( dark and unsweetened )
1/5 tsp baking powder
90 gr sugar
pinch of salt
grated zest of 1/4 lemon
2 large eggs at room temperaturs
100 gr soft butter

Sift together flower, cocoa abd bakin powder.
Put thew sugar, salt and the lemon zest in a bowl and rubb everthing together with your fingers until the mixture gets moist.
Beat the eggs into the lemon sugar until blended.
Add the soft butter . Gently whisk in the flour mixture.

Chill for at least 6 hours to get the nice little bump on top of your madelaines. Or, if you can live without it put in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven on 220°
Butter and flour the madelaine mould.
Fill the mould with the doug. You don't have to flatten it, the heat will do that for you.
Place the pan in the oven, leave a wooden spoon in the dorr to keep it slightly open. Turn down the heat down to 180° and bake for 15 minute.

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I have a queue of things I want to do that lasts to Afrika. On the list is lot's of weeding but also planting as important things as soybeans, imagine picking your own edamame in your garden! Then comes lot's of cooking and baking I have some new cookbooks I haven't even touched. And then there's less interesting things like washing our down jackets or cleaning the cellar.
There's a week of holidays coming up and eventually I manage to make a few of these things.
The start make these little fellows - Financiers. A chocolate pastry perfect for tea time.
I always buy them from sprüngli in Zürich.

I came across this recipe in Pierre Hermé's cookbook "Chocolate Desserts" . There's plenty of other nice things I crave to try in the book but most of them way more complicated than these sweeties.

100 gr bittersweet chocolate ( 70% or more )finely chopped
3 large eggs at room temperature
125 gr sugar
100 gr finely ground almond powder
125 gr soft butter
100 gr tepid water
50 all- purpose flower


Melt the chocolate in a bow over simmering water (without touching the water). Let it cool down a little bit. Meanwhile  mix the almonds, eggs and sugar on medium speed until the color of the mixture tunes pale. Add the butter and mix an low speed. Add the chocolate and mix to blend. Add the water and mix on medium speed till incorporated. Fold in the flour.
Grease and dust the boat shaped financier molds. ( Size: The should hold approx. 3 tbs water ) Bake in the preheated oven 180° for 17 min. Let them cool on a rack for 3 minutes, then run a knife around the edges and carefully take out the financiers.

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