Almost no better way to eat fresh berries

It's harvest time in the garden, flowers, veg and plenty of berries. After two month of eating nothing but fresh garden
asparagus it's nice to have a bit more colors.
Is there any better way to start the day than curd with freshly picked berries and a bit of honey?

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I love to brunch. Saturday and sunday noon we sit down for a extended brunch. Nice food and good music.
The table is right next to the turntables so during our meals music and food always sort of mixes.
This was a pretty extensive one, but it's christmas so we are excused ;-) Not on the pictures but a must are fried pasta with soy sauce and onion rings. Always good but essential after the good bottle of red wine we had the evening before. I wasn't fast enough to take the picture, our boy was already eating them.

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My Müsli


I used to hate müsli until recently. Now I really like it . But my müesli is different from regular ones in two ways.
First and most important, it must contain dried blueberries! Did you ever try them? They are fantastic and unfortunately very expensive too. I first had them in the great Hotel Guldsmeden in Daenmark. You can buy them in good whole-food stores. They are sweet and sour in one - just delicious.
Second I always use greek yoghurt. I don't like the thin milky types. And I only eat small portions so I guess it's ok to use the fatty type.
Add a nice crunchy müsli, honey and some fresh berries or fruit et voilà.

le müsli

the blueberry

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Sunday afternoon Tea with beignets


Now that it's getting cold outside it's time to reintroduce tea time. So the 3 brown and over ripe bananas on the balcony came in handy and were a good excuse to try a dangerously good looking new recipe from Giorgio Locatelli:
Chocolate and Banana Beignets

off to the freezer

I prepared them some days ago and had them ready for frying in the freezer (and there is still some left for next weekend ) I just had to take them out, fry' m and roll in sugar.

hands off

les petites

They taste really banana and inside there's melted dark chocolate - a combination made in heaven!

wet inside

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Fried egg with pecorino sardo

We've been introduced to this breakfast treat by firlee. It might sounds strange and looks a bit disgusting but it's actually fantastic. Add a lid to let the cheese melt over the egg. Serve it spicy with chilly flakes and black pepper.

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15 Minuten Arbeit...

20 Minuten Pause...

50 Minuten Hitze...

und einen Tag lang Freude!

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