Who is behind Coeur de Sel?

Coeur de Sel started as a collective project between some friends who like to cook and eat. Coeur de Sel is the place where we share recipes, tips and inspiration with one another and with our readers.
 Since we all got rather demanding jobs and/or demanding kids it can easily happen that it gets quiet here for some weeks or even months but usually we come back with a strong desire to cook.
The main force behind this blog is me - Zera - I case you wonder what I do beside cooking and blogging about it: I work in the fashion biz, am a mother, a passionate photographer, and a gardener.

When it comes to food I like to know where my ingredients come from. I grow plenty of vegetables in our allotment, buy mostly locally produced organic food. I don't eat meat but I love fish and seafood. Our kitchen is 9m/2 big which is never enough for all our kitchen utensils, cookbooks and guests